Swipe Card FAQ

Below are answers to questions that students might ask about the Swipe Card System. Click on the question to see a sample answer.

  • Why should I swipe?
  • When you swipe your AggieCard it helps UC Davis better understand how to support students.

    We can:
    •See how frequently students use academic advising and academic support services.
    •Tie usage of campus services to student success outcomes, like four-year degree attainment.
    •Figure out better ways to deliver campus-wide student services.

  • Do I have to swipe?
  • No. Swiping is voluntary. No one will be denied access to a service if he or she declines to swipe (or to provide their student ID).
  • I don't have an AggieCard. What can I do?
  • If you have not yet been issued an AggieCard, or you do not have it with you, you may either type in your student ID, or tell it to the staff member capturing the swipes.
    If you do not know your student ID you can still access the service.

  • I am not a student, but I do have an AggieCard. Do I have to swipe?
  • If you are faculty or staff the swipe will be not be recorded as the Swipe Card System collects information about students. If the system does not recognize you as a student you may still access the service depending on the policy of the department offering the service.

    The Swipe Card System is not intended to be an access control system.

    If you have ever been a student, or have applied to become one, you may be recognized by the system. Some services are offered to applicants and/or alumni. If in doubt, please swipe.

  • What is FERPA?
  • For a quick guide to FERPA view this PDF document: Quick Guide to Privacy of Student Records (FERPA).