When a student swipes his or her AggieCard at a participating department, the following information is collected:

  • Student ID
  • Date and time of the swipe
  • Service (or activity) being provided to the student
  • Location at which the service is being provided

Swiping is voluntary. No one will be denied a service if he or she declines to swipe.

Not all departments are participating in the CSAA Swipe Card System. Also, an AggieCard may be used to access student housing, or to purchase food in the dining halls or campus restaurants using AggieCash. Those swipes are not recording information for the CSAA. 

While swiping an AggieCard through a magnetic card reader is the default way to collect the data, the student ID may also be typed directly into the Swipe Card System web page, or recorded in some other manner for subsequent data entry.

In order for a swipe to be recorded using a card reader the web page must be open in the browser and the cursor positioned in the text box where you may type in the student ID.